El Director System Shock

The time of GameCube had an excellent variety of computer game, and also terror lovers remember with special affection Eternal Darkness. Launched in 2002, this title noted a great component of the players with a story that combined mystery and dangers from malignant pressures , as well as that is why we missed a follow up to close such an impressive experience.

Nintendo has the legal rights of the IP While we no more have the choice to take pleasure in a continuation developed by the original study Silicon Knights , currently went away, there are still wishes around a remake . Exactly this was the idea of Stephen Kick **, Chief Executive Officer of Nightdive Studio as well as director of the Futurible Remake of System Shock, as well as it appears that he has currently had any type of conversation with Nintendo to relive the delivery of fear.

Kick has gone down these objectives into a tuit with which Nintendo’s caution stuck out when collaborating with Third-Party developers, due to the fact that NightDive Studio would be interested in Remakes from various other timeless games . Within this, the chief executive officer has actually suggested that Eternal Darkness is “ The first of its listing “, so the last decision is with the excellent N. They are the rights of the residential or commercial property intellectual.

System Shock 2 - Prefontaine [ audio logs ]
This is nothing more than a plain narrative, but it additionally works as a suggestion that there is a desire to see a remake of Eternal Darkness. Not for nothing, the objection has actually cataloged it as one of the finest video games of terror, specifically if we think about that your adventure surpasses fear and frightens. Be that as it is, The ball gets on the roofing of Nintendo , so it will be waiting for more news in the future, if it is offered.