How to create Half and Half, Dip and Pour in Lost Ark

Half and Half, Dip and Pour in Lost Ark – one of the most difficult items for making, because for this you need to defeat the field boss. You need to get broken bowl for sauce and pouring is purchased only after the victory over Caspille, the world boss.

Where is Kaspilla?

To get a broken bowl for sauce and pouring, you need more than just kill Caspiel. You can only get a broken bowl for sauce and pouring. * When landing * fatal blow on Caspiel.

Caspial lies east of Incidental Steppe . The surrounding landscape consists of trees and rocks. Caspille is not easy to win, he has 1,967,454 hits and 23 strips of life. World bosses, as a rule, are best to win in groups.

Due to the slow speed of Caspille from its attacks relatively easily avoid. Other monsters will attack him if they encourage him.

It is unlikely that you get it the first time, because you get the last blow can be difficult. Having received it, you must take a broken bowl for swimming and pouring. Supitsa Maschery Popolas, dip and pour .

Where to make Half and Half, Dip and Pour in Lost Ark

Half and Half Dip and Pour Lost Ark

Supitsa is in G. Tavern MOKOKO northwest from Plaza whistle in MOKOKO Village . She is behind the meal with fruit. You can make a “half half”, “dip and pour” for 1700 silver. As soon as it is created, you can right-click on the half, dip and pour it to add it to your foliate adventurist.

If you want to fill your foliate aventurist, you can create many items, but we recommend doing it last. Getting a “broken sauce” and “bowls for pouring” requires great good luck, because it is not easy to apply a mortal blow, so it’s better to do it last.

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