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Horizon Forbidden West: Release has been postponed to avoid crunch

Crunch is one of the biggest and unpleasant problems of the video game industry. In many studios, it was completely normal to subordinate the psychic and physical health of the Deadline’s deadline of a soon appearing game. Especially in conjunction with Cyberpunk 2077, the topic has become more relevant in recent years in the media and finds more relevant within the industry piece by piece.

Already last year became known that games like psychonauts 2 and Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart were completely developed without crunch. Now the new Playstation -toptitel Horizon: Forbidden West (Buy Now) to sort in this row. Thus, the successor of the PlayStation 4-Title Horizon: Zero Dawn should be practically without crunch. At least a new interview of the Game Director suggests.

Horizon Forbidden West without Crunch?

Horizon Forbidden West was Delayed to Avoid Crunch - Kinda Funny Games Daily 02.18.22
Horizon: Forbidden West should have originally appeared 2021 for the PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4. However, the game was postponed to February 2022 last summer. Even then, Guerrilla Games was publicly poured on a “healthy work-life balance”. Now Game Director Mathijs de Jong commented on the displacement of Forbidden West and, accordingly, Crunch:

Sowas is almost hardly with us. We are aware of the disadvantages through the crunch, so we involve this in our planning. For example, we said at Christmas that there would be no work and take a holiday every two weeks Company was admitted, so you could not work on site.

Some people like to work on and do not necessarily want Christmas holidays. That’s also allowed, we will not stop it per se. But we send as a company quite a strong message. Forbidden West may have appeared at the end of last year, but then we might have had to do overtime.

People also have to be able to relax and make vacations to spend time with friends and family time. That too has influenced our decision to publish the game only now. “

A Lobby for the industry?

Qualitatively, this decision Horizon Forbidden West by no means harmed, on the contrary: both our test, as well as the opinion of many other outlets shows that Forbidden West is a complete success. And it should certainly be another finger tough for the industry that it is possible to create high-quality and economically successful games without risking the development of developers.

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