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How to paint clothes in Horizon Forbidden West?

Horizon Forbidden West presents new resources and materials that Elo can collect and collect. One of them are dyes that allow you to change the color of your armor. Eloy tries to look better than everyone!

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To paint clothes, you need to find a dyesman and provide them with appropriate painting plants and metal fragments that can be found in the open world. Every time you change the color of the dye, you will carry costs, even if you change the color back to the previous design. The trophy will open when the dyesman is first used to change the dye on clothing.

Where to find a dyeer?

The search for a dyedist will take some time. The first dye, which you find, Ghana in Plainsong . It is located in the west of the city near the firmware. The dyeer icon is a mortal and pestle that will be displayed on the map when you are in close proximity. You may have to fulfill the quest for the Sea of ​​Sands to unlock a dyeer.

How to get painting plants?

Painting plants are a new resource that Elo can collect on the forbidden West. These plants grow throughout the open world, but mainly found in Rockies and on Rocky Rocks . Here are some painting plants to which attention should be paid:

  • Azure blossom

  • Bagon Bloom
  • Full-born blossom
  • Green flower
  • Pale blossom
  • Golden flower

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