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Horizon Zero Dawn Summary in Forbidden West

Horizon Forbidden West is now available. The very awaited sequence of the mega success Horizon Zero Dawn of Guerrilla Games is finally here. Next week, it will be five years since the first game came out. Maybe some players have not played since its launch and may need a reminder on the game.

Fortunately, Horizon Forbidden West has a summary of the story for the previous title. He is told by Sylpens, the founder of Eclipse and Return Character from Zero Dawn. Obviously, it contains spoilers for the first game.

The summary is an intensive course on Horizon. He tells the world in which he takes place and how he was born. Thousands of years after an apocalyptic event, this is where Aloy begins. She is the clone of a scientist, who created the Zero Dawn program, which has distracted the world and allowed its rebirth. Aloy was born to prevent another imminent extinction of life.

Aloy fights with the Malvoyant IA called Hades and saves his people. Now she and a group of companions go to the West forbidden, where the new game begins. If you intend to fully live the story of the first game for yourself, you probably should play it before starting the rest.

We have more Horizon Forbidden West gameplay, so be sure to check them. There is also our criticism of the game, in case you can not know if this series is for you.

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Horizon Zero Dawn - The Story So Far (What You Need to Know to Play Horizon Forbidden West)

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