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Horizon Forbidden West Deaths Door Code: Where can I find the password for the locked door?

The long-awaited horizon forbidden west is finally here and it is incredible. With dozens of new machines that are to be combated, share sharing, which must be collected, and missions that need to be continued, it may be a challenge to find a poor little code for the quest “the door of death”. Do not be afraid, in this manual we will help you to find the password of the locked door in the quest “Todestür” in Horizon Forbidden West.

Horizon Forbidden West Code for the Door of Death

The fifth main quest in the game is called Death’s Door. In it you have travel to Latopolis and come to the point where you can not continue because there is a locked door. The main squest does not give you this code in any way, so it seems like no luck.

The code for the door is a four-digit number and can first be hard to find. You could try to enter random numbers, but the probability that you find the exact code is astronomical. We come to the game.

To find the code, Look directly opposite the door console towards a hall . There you will see a fallen computer with a violet hologram that goes out of it . As you may now know or do not know, this is a data point, and if you scan it, you will receive the message protocol “Bag Urges”. .

At this point you must open the message log “Bag Urges” and read it . There is a lot of text there, but what you really are looking for is some four-digit code. The sentence, after you are looking, is: “Of course, there is the Moldova Brainhack, but also up-and-coming little devils such as the magnificent memor or my personal favorites, Sovereign 7482.” The code for the locked door is 7482 in the Death’s Door Quest in Horizon Forbidden West.

With the code in hand, you can now return to the console and give it a to continue by the Death’s Door Quest. And that’s all you need to know to find the password of the locked door in the quest “Todestür”. For further help with Horizon Forbidden West, z. B. How to get a flying riding or where you can find horned lizard bones, we have covered them. Take a look at our Horizon Forbidden West Guides for all your inquiries and questions. Good luck out there in the forbidden West!

Horizon prohibited west is now available for PS4 and PS5.

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