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What kind of decline in Horizon Forbidden West?

After the events of Horizon Zero Dawn, Eloa turns out to be drawn into complications of the next apocalyptic situation. Not only has it have to deal with corrupt artificial intelligence, which actively destroys parts of nature, so also with a terrible decline. Disease can be seen worldwide Horizon Forbidden West and in elementary rollers.

What you need to know about blade

I NEED to Rant on SPOILERS! - Horizon Forbidden West Ending Explained
Considering its rather sinister name, phytoofluorosis is a kind of infectious vegetable matter that applies throughout the world. These bright red plants can grow from simple sections of low-grade weeds into full trees. Phytoofluorosis is a particularly poisonous plant that kills both other plants and animals.

Eloa finds several foxes, confused in the mash of decline in early maps, and comments on the plant’s mucous nature. It seems that it applies, dropping excess growth and allowing cut pieces to grow into new plants. It makes it turn it into reservoirs and quickly embrace large areas of the earth.

Try not to step on large areas of red vines, as it will slowly exhaust the health of Elo, and it commented on how difficult it is to breathe among the plants. In addition, the main thing is that it is necessary to recognize with the decline, this is that it is just another component that ela need to be corrected, in addition to the search and restoration of Gaia. Without her actions, it can quickly get out of control.

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