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How to sit down in Horizon Forbidden West

The adventure of ELA in the forbidden West is replete with many opponents and enemies. To travel through the huge open world of Horizon, an elo needs wisely to choose battles. Does this mean that you need to start the battle secretly or completely avoid a meeting, depends on the discretion of the player, but the squat is an integral part in each case. Use this convenient mechanics during your stay in Horizon to avoid unnecessary detection.

Select in Horizon Forbidden West, * Press * Square button. Satisfaction allows an eloy to move along the forbidden West with a much smaller noise, and it can prevent enemies to detect it. Saturing in high grass can also hide her with enemy machines if they have not noticed it yet. Stand Up Simply tap Square button Again.

Be sure to use the squat mechanics early and often when implementing secrecy. Touching anyone unsuspecting enemies, eloh gets a chance to apply a critical strike – a powerful secretive maneuver who can instantly kill weaker enemies and seriously injure others.

Everything You Need to Know About Horizon Forbidden West
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