Skull & Bones now with multiplayer

There is a new sign of life of Skull & Bones, whose release should only be a maximum of 13 months away.

Skull & Bones In 2022 - Will We Finally See It Again?
Ubisoft has drawn a conclusion at the third quarter of its current financial year. As always in such cases, a conference conference has taken place in which one announces the shareholders, as the past few months have financially run and what is planned for the closer future. The latter then often promotes interesting information for us players, this time to Skull & Bones. The pirate game whose announcement is now more than four and a half years ago, this time was not just mentioned in the way that it is still in development. CFO Frédérick Duguet has lost a few more words.

He talks about Skull & Bones be a “very promising new IP” and multiplayer the first violin games. In order to ensure the title very well in the general strategy of Ubisoft, PVP and Koop Gameplay with a large Open World, offering the players a “great, attractive fantasy”.

The development to Skull & Bones now last for a long time, but one is very satisfied with the artistic vision and the progress that the game has made so far. And all too far the release should actually be no longer removed. Ubisoft says you will be able to sting in the lake during the next fiscal year. That would mean that Skull & Bones would come to the market at the latest in March 2023. Well possible so that we will get new pictures at the latest in summer, so the E3 time, for the first time since 2018 new image material – if ubisoft does not move the game again, sees.