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Horizon Forbidden West: Can you respect skill points? Replied

Like your predecessor, Horizon Forbidden West presents a light RPG mechanics that allows players to improve Aloy’s skills and weapons according to their preferences. But systems that govern this progression are not especially profound and do not offer granular personalization levels that are seen in full role play experiences. Then, this is what you need to know about if you can respect the skill points in Horizon Forbidden West.

Can you respect the skill points at Horizon Forbidden West? Replied

As perhaps you have guessed by the introduction, the answer to this question is no: you can not respect the skill points in Horizon Forbidden West. Once you have blocked your update options, you agree to continue with them during the duration of the game.

Once again, however, Forbidden West really is not the type of role play in which you can really shape a ‘construction’ according to different styles as you would, for example, in Skyrim, Diablo or even Assassin’s Creed. It is greatly an RPG-Lite, similar to Far Cry and many other open world games that include progression systems as standard these days.

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It remains to be seen if we see or not this change if (when) Guerrilla Games offers post-launch support in the future. We are quite sure that the developer will add a New Game Plus mode at some point, so there is a small chance that they offer some way to respect skill points in that case. We will keep you informed if we listen more.

For now, then, that’s all you need to know about If you can respect the skill points at Horizon Forbidden West. To get more tips, tricks and guides, see our Wiki guide or find light RPG.

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