Nintendo and illegal copies

Nintendo used «roller»

Why Nintendo Hates Fan Games
The incessant Nintendo struggle against piracy is not an unknown issue for us, lovers of this world. However, possibly we were not aware that Mario himself, the pluriemplate (plumber, doctor, sportsman, builder,…) Italian character that gives name to the videogame franchise, the justice was taken by his hand in the Netherlands during The 90s, giving sentence with a tampering machine as a intermediary tool.

“But, What are you telling me?”. Possibly this is the question that resonates in the head of more than 1. Allow me in situations: At the time of Game Boy, piracy was something almost uncontrollable and illegal breeding reproductions used to campar at home by video game. The ways to combat these irregularities were quite ineffective in legal ground.

Following some photos extracted from a former Dutch newspaper, it has been known that at a time prior to the formal written requests of “_cease and desist” _ __ to which the great n has us used to, its forms, although apparently something Extreme, they could become equally forceful:

According to Reza one of the photo feet of the images found by Gamegeschiedenis, the almost 10000 counterfeit copies that we can see receiving a strong massage came from Hong Kong and were confiscated to a Dutch importing company, going shortly after the documented public execution they suffered At the Lelystad airport under the supervision of a distressed actor of Mario.

Our Nintendo defending its licenses in the most explicit sense. An event at all subtle and no doubt striking with which Kyoto’s signature intended to launch a direct to the jaw of counterfeiters. A powerful message to encourage them to think twice the next time they would try to eat the toast.

Little more information we can find in relation to this crusher event. What is clear is that, in the long run, that peculiar campaign aimed at first slowing down the piracy accelerating a steaming against it, it was little.