Lost ARK: If location data could not be loaded …

The MMOarpg Lost Ark continues to enjoy groundbreaking popularity and that is not surprising, after all, the F2P game has just been released a few days ago. However, there are problems with server performances and queues, the ARPG joy tends a bit. Even if you create it on a server, for this, however, today, on 15 February 2022 , the Lost-Ark maintenance work for more server stability should have taken care of, then it can still be problems. One of the players has driven around the evening of 14 February 2022 and expressed themselves with the following Lost-Ark error message: “Location data could not be loaded”. What could mean that?

How To Fix Lost Ark Not Loading, Not Launching

Location data could not be loaded – heh?

Such notifications such as location data could not be loaded, which is probably associated with a location-based game such as Pokémon Go; a mobile game in which your position is regularly queried in the real world via GPS. But with a mmoarpg, which can only be plastered on the PC?

An official statement from Amazon Games’ server operators does not exist Not in the well-known problems , but as a residual gamer, your conclusions should be able to draw. The location data of Lost Ark (Buy Now 19.99 €) could not be charged on the evening of 14 February 2022. It is very strong to assume that in Europe at this time the servers of Lost Ark under full load – and that the instance servers for dungeons and similar instanced content simply could no longer participate or wanted. ERGO: No new instances Aka Dungeon could be created and the players of Lost Ark had to be satisfied with solo content. Because the error message is encountered primarily players who wanted to play dungeons together with friends.

Is the location problem solved?

The developers and operators of Lost Ark have done as mentioned on 15 February 2022 in the morning and mornings maintenance work. However, there was not much more information, as “Stability improvements for servers of the EU Central region” have been added or played. Whether this has to do with the overloaded instance servers, we will probably see if the prime Time of 15 February begins – and that does not happen slowly. Write from your experiences in the comments!

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