Line Games, Line Nex and NFT Game Business

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Line Games announced that it was agreed to cooperate for the NFT platform subsidiary of the Global Messenger platform line and the NFT platform subsidiary of the ‘Line NeXT’ and the NFT-based game ecosystem.

Line Games is a policy to develop a NFT-based game, such as applying a block chain technology to new work, including ‘ex-source Heroes’ and ‘Dragon Flight’, which is a starting collaboration. In addition, we plan to envision the business model provided to the global NFT platform city (DOSI) with line NeXT.

In the Global NFT publishing platform, the Global NFT publishing platform, which is being developed, ‘Dosi (city), businesses and creators can easily build the NFT brand store and global community, and can be supported with NFT production and global marketing support programs. In addition, through a full-length wallet (wallet) for NFT, general users plan to provide an environment where Credit cards, simple payments, and various encryption, or environmental activities.

Line Games officials were “Line Games NFT-based games development and business starting with the beginning of the business and the beginning of the business,” said Line Games, “he said.” I will cooperate tightly to see it. “