Finally solo! Pokemon

With Pokémon legends: Arceus hits the series in many ways a new direction. Many dusted things were wrapped up. And since the focus is even more on the exploration of the Pokémon, you can now collect all monsters for the first time. Because the exchange for swap for some developments is history.

You get Gengar, Simsala and Co. even without exchange

In the past it was standard with Pokémon Games Standard that some monster developments were only needed if you have exchanged them with other players. This will never happen completely without swapping the games.

Now is the conclusion! Pokémon legend Arceus still offers a sweeping opportunity, but you are no longer dependent on it. Instead, your Pokémon, who develop when swapping, if you hold an item, develop directly with the item. For example, an ONIX without swap in Stahlos can turn it when using a metal jacket.

New item develops all swap pokémon : Some Pokémon have also developed without item during exchange. These include Apollo in Gengar or Kadabra in Simsala. In legendary arceus is now also going, thanks to the connecting cables. This rare item enables a development of the special Pokémon without exchange.

What is still new in the game, we summarize in our video review:

That’s how you get more connecting cords

Since the connection cables is a rare item that you need for a total of four Pokémon, it is important to know where to exist. Overall, there are four ways in the game to come to the coveted resource:

  • In Jubeldorf you can buy a string for 1000 thankfulness points. In our entry-level tips we show you how you get gratefulness points.
  • Wobbles on ornament and defeat the Pokémon, which come out – some give you a connecting cord.
  • In room time distortion connection cords can appear.
  • Complete secondary mission 64 and finally receives a connecting cord.

Masquerain finally gives Emvee redemption!

So you use the string : You have received a connecting cord, then you can use them directly from your bag. Just select your Apollo, Kadabra, Georok or Mashok and develop it with the item. You have already received the desired Pokémon without exchange.

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Find even more Pokémon: Overall, there are in Pokémon legends Arceus 242 monsters that you can find completely distributed in the game. Probably also further submitted by DLC. Until then, however, you will find out in our overview, whether your favorites are already there or not.

Do you like to do it or are you happy that the compulsion is finally over?