Royal Royal Experience of SF Horror! “Hidden Deep” Submarine Cave Submarine Caves Wear Magic [Play Repo]

A research facility that is in the seabed of 10,000 meters in sea level. A researcher who investigated the unknown phenomenon found here is a sudden interruption.
What is the survivor remaining, what is happening,
The rescue team went to the silence submarine cave to explore the truth……

Hidden Deep ” is a 2D action that motifs SF horrors such as the movie “alien” series. The player will be a member towards the exploration of the submarine mine that the survivor disappears, and it travels to the back of the abyss to which unknown threats are waiting for unknown threats. The lightning lighting lighting with Giragira and light in the dark, I feel like a strange chills in the dark, and I’m thinking there?

Murphy is a reconnaissance soldier (scout), each with a job type for members. It has the tools necessary for the go to proceed before and in advance, such as a grapping hook that emits a rope or a scanner to explore the surroundings. We will secure safety and play the role of making the road.

For keyboard + mouse operations, move the move is WASD and the aim is controlled by the mouse. There is also a game pad support, but it is not possible to recommend it because it needs delicate aiming.

Guns have a tactical light, and it will be overlooked far more than normal. There are a lot of traps of the first-off killing, so I will continue with a cautious celebration. Although the enemy is not so much, the sound is heard from a distance, and the spooky earthness is, and the Royal Road Horror ‘s “going ahead” atmosphere is well out.

It will be manageable even if it is jumping down if the height is the same level, but if it is a deeper vertical hole, you must get off with a grapping hook. Members are less than spelunker, but the physical ability of the common sense range is a physical ability, and if it is a lively human, it will die mostly at dangerous acceleration. For example, even if you try to hook and swing in a distant position, you can also hit the wall and die.

After installation, you can get a gun with a gun and prepare for the enemy, but you have to improve the gun as you can fix a gun every time the beta is working, so you want to improve it if you don’t have one by one.

If you go ahead, we were enhanced with unknown organisms that would otherwise cause. Immersible to meet in the cave but the insultive and. It deals with gun shooting, but is very small and not easily. Some of them have a single shot, there is an individual who doesn’t die, and there is a zombie approaching with a “bio”, and it has a difference of zombies that comes close, and just removes distance and eats damage. Instead, it is important not to cut off anyway because it is seen in the direction of the radiation up to a fairly wide range.

Let’s take a look at the tools used by the scout one by 1. First of all, the most commonly used “Grapping hook”. There is no swing like “Sea 18”, but as mentioned above, it is dangerous if you check the arrival point as it can not be a bold behavior as described above. If you fix both ends, you can use it as a bridge.

Subsequent ropes. This is installed in the vertical hole and creates the way for subsequent members.

This scan ball is a tool to see how to precede a dangerous place. It is a disposable type that is limited to the number of times of use, but you can check it very far. Not only scan but also decoy, easy attack function. It is thankful to reduce the number of enemies even a little.

With terrain scanners and directional bombs, you can break thin bedrocks and make vertical holes to the underground. Even if you look at the deadline, the space may be spread right directly below and you will find a breakthrough.

If you are searching, you may find a passage filled with earth and sand. It is the second job type, engineer. Engineers can hand over heavy machinery, so you can dig the rock with the excavator and transport them using cranes. A new route is opened if the collapse marks that could not proceed with scouts are also brought with engineers and heavy machines.

However, most of the tools that scouts can not be used in engineers. Of course it is unprotected while using heavy equipment. Players are switching members while communicating with work of jobs to proceed.

When multiple members get multiple, move another member while instructing a certain member. For example, while moving heavy machinear, it will be a good idea to make a celebrity in a scout. However, since this beta version does not stop even if you win, it is quite difficult to work as it is difficult. Since up to four people will operate at the same time, it is better to steadily manipulate one by 1. There is also CoOP play, and it is good to share in scouts and engineers.

Hidden Deep - Spelunking Sci-Fi Horror Action Game with Physics-Based Gameplay & Brutal Deaths!

From where multiple member operations are enabled, this game is a production of this game and will be divided into 2 routes immediately at stage 4 and the search will be promoted. It is an absolute safety to be important at this time. Depending on the work, the members may act and act, and a member who is not operating has no means to protect yourself. Therefore, if you miss one in a large space in a large space, no unprotected member may be prey. One by one in the place where the team is distributed… is there well, right?

Of course, if the ammunition is exhausted, shooting is impossible, and it will be shot with high difficulty and you can have enough smart condition. It is also possible to felt survival horror illness that you can defeat the remaining number of bullets.

If you get a trap of first-sized killing, this earthworm type appears when you’re used to get used to insemination. “It’s coming from above! Be careful!” Who said, it is a nasty opponent that surprises the players who have acquired easy victory and oil off.

There is also a need for a helmet that only the helmet is left on the spot. It is not difficult to distinguish even if it is mimicking the color of the ceiling, but it can not be crawled if it does not get close to the decoy. It is consultation with the ammunition that runs through or after starting with it quickly.

It does not go with a smooth operation such as a gun, but it’s a sense of tension that can be attacked from anywhere, and a horror’s promise that will show a wonderful death if you make a mistake, and a “alien” experiences It is huge. It seems that something is likely to be something, so it is a great deal of dragging and scattering. Because the degree of difficulty is three stages, you can enjoy enough people who are not good at operation. If you have a shout of the magic from three times, you don’t miss early access from the 24th (25 days in Japan)……. Oh, I heard something now…?

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