Lock Star GTA followers “Active development in progress, expect”

Loxa has solved information about GTA franchise through the 4th (local time), official homepage news wire. New contract updates and Xbox Series X / S, PS5 versions of GTA 5, and news about the next work.

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Of the contents, the portion of the toxic interest is about the next work. Rockstar Games said, ‘Many gamers have asked us about the GTA series subsequent, and they said they are active in this.

However, the details other than the content were not disclosed. Rock Star Games says that the development of the next work is expected to share more, and took care of its news wire bulletin board.

GTA5 is an open-world title released in 2013, which is a longevity game that is 9 years old. Although it was popular with excellent gameability, it has been re-released through upgrades across three generations, and many gamers have been obsessed. Although it is expected to be able to be able to be able to potentially fire through this presentation, the GTA5 is a negative opinion on the prediction that the GTA5 will keep the latest title spot.