Fortnite Leaker reveals how the new Tactical Sprint function will work

Last year, we transmit the news of a controversial function that reached Fortnite. Fast forward, now we have more details about this function and its implementation, and as well as the previous time, the information reaches outstanding way. Fortnite Filter and privileged information, HYPEX. Taking Twitter, Hypex gave the fortnite community an update on the tactical sprint, which supposedly will still reach the game, although it still does not know when it will happen exactly.

According to Hypex, with Tactical Sprint, your career speed will increase when you activate Tactical Sprint, and will increase only while you go downhill, and this will be a gradual increase. That said, the faster go, the more your camera will move, so there will be a balance that players should achieve to make the most of the function.


At this time, it is still not known if there will be some kind of limit, either by use or duration. That said, because it is not specified, there is no one.

Unfortunately, this is the scope of the report. Hypex is a reliable source, but what is here should be taken with tweezers. Meanwhile, if Epic Games provides some kind of comment on this filtration, which is unlikely, we will make sure to update the story accordingly. And, of course, if Hypex or any other reliable Fortnite filter provides additional information about the function, we will inform you all the featured details.

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