Broken Circle Journey Review

Video games often plunge into wonderful and unique worlds to tell stories designed to touch and resonate with the public. Whether it is to discover the secrets that are hiding at the heart of your ancestral heritage or unraveling the twisted history of a man’s psyche, the story of video games has become bold and bold in recent years. Journey of the Broken Circle follows suit and tells a fascinating and moving story that deepens the fundamental values ​​of humanity.

The naive hero and full of hope is broken and it haunts his livelihood. To find peace, he needs to fill the void of his life; The missing room to complete the perfect circle. Acting as a visual metaphor, every area and character you encounter during this fascinating journey represents a relationship that embraces familiarities that binds the game to real life scenarios. Tops at the bottom, Journey of the Broken Circles takes you through a range of emotions that will leave an eternal form engraved in the player’s soul.

Although the story is the central point, the gameplay is nice but a bit simple. Your goal is to circumvent the obstacles and collect mushrooms. The gameplay is not difficult and for this reason, it is a relaxing experience, however, I would have preferred the last third to increase the difficulty rather than continuing in the same vein. Throughout your trip, you will encounter a group of colorful characters that not only develop the plot, but also modify the game mechanisms. For example. Circle meets Sticky, allowing Circle to cling to surfaces, thus modifying the gameplay of these sections. The impressive element is the way the character and the gameplay get married to advance the story, which describes the many layers as developers, loveable hat crops, have implemented in the game.

Journey of the Broken Circle - Nintendo Switch Review
Visually, the game is simple but striking. The intelligent use of the minimum color palette creates breathtaking environments both varied and memorable. A culminating point is when you reach the top of a region, where you are welcomed with a magnificent view that accentuates the remarkable design of the game. The sterile areas swarm with loneliness to highlight the mental state of the humble protagonist. Each zone has been designed with love and with several hidden paths to explore. In searching in every corner and cranny, you will probably discover particularly strange mushrooms. Collect them will give you access to additional levels that will extend the relatively short duration of 3 to 4 hours.

Another strong point of Journey of the Broken Circle is the sound design. Sometimes you are entitled to a subtle partition that adds atmosphere and tension at the key moments, but it is then polarized by the euphoric synthic slopes influenced by the 80s. At first, it can be quite shocking, but when you start at Understanding characterization, the design decision takes all its meaning and helps echo the emotion of the protagonist. Due to the linearity of the game, the sound can be defined almost cinematographically to add to the general atmosphere. This is particularly well done at times to highlight key moments.

Mechanically, the game has some problems. On occasion, the frequency of images dropped, but it was barely perceptible. My main concern was how special mechanisms were implemented. For example, at some point, you are stifled by a thorny embrace of an insect that engulfs the entire circle and allows you to stick to the environment. Although the character and the idea behind this are charming, the implementation is exasperating. You are obliged to throw you from one section to another, which in theory seems fun, but in reality, frustration follows. Often, I found myself fighting with orders to progress in the Z1. Fortunately, this is related only to a few small sections of the game because other gameplay changes are performed effectively.

Journey of the Broken Circle is unique. He successfully presents a sincere story that progresses towards a beautiful and appropriate conclusion. Not only is the game designed to entertain, but it is also designed to inform and guide the player to look more deeply in itself in order to flourish. Although the game could have a few problems and increase the difficulty, it is always an exhilarating experience that requires your attention.



  • Deep story and engaging
  • Beautiful design
  • Incredible characterization


The bad

  • Some control problems
  • The strange drop in the framerate