Mishintat is clearly committed to VfB

Such a performance such as the 2: 3 against Frankfurt, peppered with individual and tactical errors, did not expect sports director and coach. Mental is such a defeat, one that was more self-suffering than many others was a tough blow to the Kontor. “For me it was more likely to see that the team has fought back twice,” says Matarazzo. “Better than when we lost 0: 3.” There was hardly a difference. Stuttgart states in 17th place, now has four counters to catch up on a non-absorbance and powerful pressure.

Setdikov buries it past Alikin
However, not in the coach question, as Mislinat emphasizes. Also, the much described philosophy, young talents to discover, develop and profitably to be made. She was closely linked to Matarazzo. “Rino is the most important part of this club that allows this path at all,” explains the sports chief. “Our framework conditions are to earn about 25 million euros at average each year. This also means a loss of substance every year. For this we need a coach, which develops.”

Am I in the 2nd league? Clear Yes!

Sven mislint

Just like Matarazzo, to which the sport chief requires, for example, high, to have made the former sporting nource of Nicolas Gonzalez and Borna Sosa at odds. “If I have a coach who made it made from Borna or Nico to make 25 million players who lay on the ground, which had a market value of zero, then I do not start asking him.” But on the contrary. You want to defy all adversities together. Even with a descent. “Am I there in the 2nd league? Clear Yes,” says Mishintat, who has also got this promised by the coach. “I talked to him: clear confession.”

So everything is clear from the sporty side. What the entire club and its leadership bodies, with the exception of Board Boss Thomas Hitzlsperger and Club President Claus Vogt, who recently expressed his trust and his full support in Marbella, he was not meaningful and curious. “All the others who have participated are also on the test bench,” says the sports chief. “Now it turns out if we only talk about an old new philosophy and identity of the club, or if we live them too. Whether we want continuity or life.”