Lost Ark gets 2022 PVP continent with 96 players

In a few days in Europe the release of Lost Ark is on the program. All pioneer package owners start on 08 February 2022. All other players are allowed to start on 11 February. Also clear: we will already be able to play many of the endgame content for the launch **, which were added later in South Korea and Russia later.

Lost Ark in 2022

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Who fears that we will sprint European players too quickly through the endgame and then have to wait for new content eternally, we can calm down. On the one hand, because in the launch version of Lost Ark simply unbelievably do a lot to do and many players certainly want to bring several characters into the endgame.

On the other hand, the developers of SmileGate still have a whole range of content in the hindquarters, which they can deliver in the course of 2022 with patches. For example, the features that are already available in South Korea and Russia are not here for release but not. We think about the different classes or the toughest RAID challenges of animal 3 level.

96 player battles

Of course, there are all content that is currently in development. For example, the previous 3VS3 arena struggles and guild battles (16VS16) are to be supplemented by the PVP continent Rowen, on which even 96 players compete against each other, which are divided into two teams.

The aim of every bellowing is to keep as many of the eight control points as long as possible as long as possible in order to create most points in the 18 minutes long lots. Guns and siege weapons help you. In this video you can watch the PVP fun:

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What is still planned?

For the next few months, however, much more content is planned. New RAIDs for the endgame, for example, more islands in the ocean that you can control with your ship, as well as a fresh battle-royal mode with predefined template characters.

Also a moba-like mode is planned, just like a removal of the Housing Island and the implementation of a marriage function. For this there will be new continents and story chapters, the balance among the classes should be improved and new mini-games are planned. As soon as there are concrete info for the EU version, we’ll keep you up to date on February.

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