Far Cry 6: The DLC with Joseph Seed playable dated, a disturbing image

Free Rambo Crossover Mission Trailer | Far Cry 6

After Vaas, after Pagan Minh, after Dany Trejo and after even the bonus mission that allowed to get the John Rambo Skin, it’s Joseph Seed’s turn to land in additional content for Far Cry 6. Ubisoft comes from us Send a nocturnal statement to let us know that the DLC “Joseph: Fall” will be available from February 8th. As we already know, it will be possible to embody the emblematic villain of Far Cry 5 that will end up in an alternative version of Hope County in Montana, with a gameplay inspired by roguelite. It will be the opportunity to find this gurfeed guy from the brain, who will have to face the former members of his sect while his faith has left him. As Vaas and Pagan Minh, we will discover that it is a tortured character internally and that he will have to deal with his inner demons, but also to his family. Here is an illustration to accompany the news.