Facebooks Slow death? Social Network loses users for the first time, share breaks

While Facebook has been after the recent Group renaming in Meta and its very polarizing plans to the metaverse and again in the headlines, but with a view to the stock market, it was not pleasing for the social network at all. This week, the Meta Group had to accept a burglary of its shares .

Why is the share price broken by Meta?

Alone on Thursday, the Meta share fell around 25 percent . The company value has also suffered enormously. Knapp 200 billion US dollar was suddenly worthy of the Group. One of the main reasons are the for the first time falling numbers from Facebook. Never have the social network have to accept such losses. In detail, the active and daily usernal numbers of 1.93 have fallen to 1.929 billion .

Instagram and WhatsApp also have difficulty

Another negative trend can be recognized at Instagram and WhatsApp . Although the offers together have a basis of impressive 2.82 billion users, but most recently only ten million are added. Straight Instagram loses his young audience Tiktok .

Does the metaverse bring the turn?

MARK ZUCKERBERG Last strong focus on the metaverse – the supposed future of Facebook and Meta. However, the project is still in development and costs a lot of money. Around US $ 10.2 billion has spent the company in the last year. Still, the downward trend on the stock market could not be intercepted.

Facebook Is Finally Dying...
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