YouTube Gaming follows Twitch and tests the give away from Subs

Twitch.tv was one of the first live streaming platforms, has introduced a subscription model for spectators . For a small amount, spectators of a stream turn special emotes or other small goodies free, and may chat as the only one in subcriber-only mode. To give viewers even more incentives to become more active, there is also the possibility to give away one or more subscriptions to followers of the respective stream.

YouTube Gaming tries to close in the LiveStreaming area to industry Primus Twitch and has now introduced donations and subscriptions for his live streamer. Apparently, as well as on Twitch, the opportunity to give away subscriptions.

Memberships on YouTube give away

According to a Tweet of the Official Japanese YouTube Creators account, gift subscriptions (or “ memberships “, as they are called on YouTube) now is now introduced for certain channels, probably before the full introduction **.

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Free from Japanese translated the new feature as much as “Membership Gift (Alpha Version)”. “For creators, use live streaming and membership, this is a function that allows existing channel members to give Member rights to other viewers.”

In the Tweet, the YouTube account links to your YouTube membership page with FAQs for membership and the associated benefits. Gifted memberships allow users to take over the cost of membership of other viewers by granting them a free subscription for a month.

Thus, Youtube takes over more and more features of LiveStreaming Competitor Twitch. In addition to subscriptions and donations, the raids have recently taken over the raids in which a live streamer of his viewers can send forward to another creator if he is done for example with his stream.

YouTube Gaming recently brings more and more big Streamer, such as Ludwig on his side . A big factor, why many viewers are still prefer twitch, habit and the bad layout of the Youtube chat as well as the missing emotes, the twitch users love. Do you think Youtube has a chance to get a chance of Twitch in the LiveStreaming area? Are you what livestreaming is concerned more on Twitch or YouTube on the way? Write us in the comments.

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