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Ollioli World: Using manuals for better combos

Ollioli fans are looking forward to entering the latest skateboard adventure Ollioli World should appear on 8 February. For those who want to play for the first time, or for people who are more familiar with the Ollioli franchise, players want to know how to increase their score most efficiently. The most important factor is the creation of Combos, and apart from the fact that they simply perform MOVES directly from the Trickipedia section for special tricks, you want to know how to hold these combos together. The most important movement available on each level, regardless of whether there are Rails or walls or not, is the manual landing . Continue reading for our guide Using manuals for better combinations in the Ollioli World!

Ollioli World: Using manuals for better combos

Manual landings or just instructions , are simply executed when they are shortly before to land on solid ground A / B / X Press or the same key you would use , When tilting left or right on the left stick . The closer to your landing time, the better you get an additional bonus (good or perfect), but overall you will make it, even if you do it too early, and keep your combo running. For beginners, it is important to remember that you will finally improve your timing and your skill in the game, and if it’s easier to deduct a manual too early and keep it in the game, try it.

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Players who have familiarized themselves should remember not to become greedy. How Malik in Sketchside expresses it in the game, you have a “balance” from manuals you can use Before the Combo breaks . This credit consists of three manuals, and if you try to run the fourth, it just lands normal and you will essentially redeem all points that you have received so far, but the combo ends. This can completely interrupt your run, and you need to remember to use it sparingly, as a particular level normally belongs to enough standard pieces to Grind, Wallride or Removal of Fireworks and receives the combo alive.

Whether you are in Sunset Valley on long sections of the promenade or miss a rail in Burntrock, keep the manuals ready and constantly count how many you have left. The game even warns her with an exclamation point above her character and you will find that your board begins to wobble, which means that you have to reset the combo, or your next landing ends it. Remember as soon as you are familiar with manuals, you can spice it up with the best tricks in your arsenal, and if you are familiar with graves and spins, you can also use them. Just remember to make enough time for yourself manually when you touch the ground.

This completes our guide Using manuals for better combinations in the Ollioli world! **** Be sure to look at our other guides here as well as our review and get ready when the game on February 8th 2022 appears on all major consoles and PCs.

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