“Hey, PlayStation” – PS4/PS5

Sony today tests a beta for PS4 and PS5, which, for the one hand, integrates completely new features into the PlayStation system and, on the other hand, the functioning of the two consoles balances. Anyone who participates in the test run can download the update from today, the 9th of February. Everyone else will be fully officially equipped with the optimizations during the year – assuming everything runs smoothly.

That’s in the PlayStation beta

New chat options: Speech chats are now called parties and can be declared on PS5 and PS4 with the beta as “open” or “closed”:

  • Closed chat: Only via invitations can be participated.
  • Open chat: No invitations are needed. Friends * inside and their friend * inside can easily join.

In addition, you can sit on the PS4 soon as well as on the PS5 individual people in a chat louder and quieter. Because who is the loudest screaming does not always have to say the most interesting.

Voice commands for the PS5: With the system update we can give the PlayStation 5 commands by addressing you with “Hey, PlayStation”. In this way, for example, certain apps can be controlled without using the controller or starting games. This function is mainly used for accessibility and has been available on the PS4 since the launch of 2013. The test is for the time being to be limited to England and the USA.

Other accessibility features: If you use a headphone, you can soon play a mono audio track. Here, too, the PS5 should provide more accessibility. Other helpful features are new languages ​​for the text reading function and a revised interface in the home screen and the trophies list.

In this video there are valuable tips around the PS5:

Here you will find some interesting patents of Sony, which in the future may be your way to the PlayStation system:

Sony's next PS5 system update will add voice commands
* Sony patent could finally make PS1, PS2 and PS3 games on the PS5
* New PlayStation patent: Whoever slides too bad, will soon be coached
* PS5 PRO? Sony patent with double processor and cloud gaming function sighted
* PlayStation patent: New controller could make your phone to your handheld

Angnain games: No, the beta does not introduce the beta, but it expands the bay bar in the homescreen to 14 titles instead of the previous ten. In addition, we may encounter five games or apps that do not fall back at the back if we do not use them for a while. This is available, for example, for online games that you start again and again.

Search function: In the library you can also arrange your collection in the beta to Genres so as to find the desired title faster. So far, your games can only sort by name, system and date.

An overview with all the innovations can be found on the PlayStation Blog. If you do not want to wait until the functions come in an official update, you can apply to PlayStation for the beta.

What do you think of the innovations, and what features do you need in the future for the PS5?