Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection

Sony maintains his PS4 portfolio of lark: God of War has received a 60-FPS patch, as well as Ghost of Sushi, Horizon: Zero Dawn and The Last of US Part II. Fans did not have to pay a single cent, which is understandable because the content of the games was not touched.

Only the Director’s Cut by Ghost of Sushi moved a paid technical upgrade for just under 10 euros, which brought with its extensive improvements. It is also based on the Legacy of Thieves Collection. If you already have uncharted 4 or Lost Legacy already, the PS5 upgrade also beats 10 euros to beech. Even if you only own one of the two games, the full extent of the collection is unlocked.

Versions distributed via PlayStation Plus are excluded. Then the full selling price of 50 euros is due here – pretty juicy, considering what the collection brings.

No content and only a few graphic improvements

One thing in advance: When we started uncharted 4 on the PS4 during our preparatory phase, we immediately noticed that the title is hardly aged. Since the publication has passed almost six years, but the quality of production can still be seen.

Materials and textures were created detailed loves, character models have a credible and the lighting system ensures realistic lighting moods. In the Shear Gigantic Action Set Pieces we have broken down several times the chin load.

The quality mode of the PS5 version is at this level, but continues a few steps. In contrast to the PS4 and PS4 Pro version, a dynamic 4K resolution is now piloted, which is why a significant increase in image sharpness can be recorded:

Even if we look more closely at the assets, little progress can be recognized. You are in a higher resolution and use a higher quality environmental coverage, which is why you look minimal sharper and offer more depth:

In the direct screenshot comparison, customizations are to be identified, but they are massively dependent on the selected mode and thus the target resolution. In the hectic game, you usually go under.

Only in the field of emotional focus was a greater change:

PS4 PS5 (quality)

Similarly, it is with Lost Legacy:

Since in Lost Legacy the same graphic framework as the fourth part of the main series is used, PS4 and PS5 version are largely. We use the following image section for the differences between the image modes. These mainly affect the resolution, but we could capture slight color differences in power mode:

Quality performance power plus

The higher refresh rate does the games perfect

Between the three image modes we observed serious differences in view of the frame rate. In quality mode, we have to get along with 30 fps, compared to the PS4 version specified on 30 images, Uncharted 4 and Lost Legacy will feel more homeless for unavoidable reasons. A possible explanation would be a change in the Sync implementation, but the effect did not allow the effect.

Our first choice is the power mode: In 60 fps, the two Uncharted titles are wonderfully playable, especially persecution scenes where Nathan and consorts feel with whole small towns, come better to the validity. We also keep the overview much easier if tens of effects fill the entire image section.

The highest level switches up to 120 fps free, but it is not always held. Transparency effects such as smoke, water splash or whirling mud ensure smaller slowdowns, they can not be balanced because the PS5 still does not provide support for variable image frequencies.

PS5’s power plus PS4

Further changes

The Legacy of Thieves Collection also makes use of modern features of the PS5. 3D audio works fine the countless sounds of an action sequence and spins a fine sound carpet that wins neat momentum. From time to time, however, the room sound simulation works too ambitious, for example when we stand in a completely disassembled railway wagon, but shot unrealistic halls, as if we were just sitting in a concrete mixer.

The haptic feedback is a nice gimmick: Vibrations are now more precise with the danseuse controller, which is why we are going deeper into the game. If a boat explodes in front of us, it shakes vigorously throughout the controller, while the rain prorates punctually and discreetly.

Extremely short loading times: As it belongs to a PS5 game, the Uncharted Collection throws us within a few seconds. Even a PS4 with retrofitted SSD requires about twenty seconds to load a game.

In addition, some options for a facilitated operation have been added:


That was already with all the innovations we could discover. For a Remaster that is reasonable, but one consider the high price of the new edition without upgrade option, then a streamlining of the few age wrinkles that have accumulated Uncharted 4 and Lost Legacy would be desirable.

So water surfaces, compared to current titles, very tough. The grain effect of several fans, which effectively evaluates the image quality, could also be shut down or packed as an additional option. Differential focus also acts in the fourth part sometimes as if the Drake brothers would rum around in front of a blurred Green Screen, as the distance of the background is not included.

You can import your scores:
The Legacy of Thieves Collection offers a function to import your scores. If you have laminated the two originals, you will switch a large part of all trophies right away. However, when we transferred our score of Lost Legacy, all collected treasures lacked, the associated trophy was denied us.

Missing multiplayer: The fact that the price of the upgrades seems to us so outrageously, is also because of the popular multiplayer mode has a lot of content omitted. Alternatively, the integration of the PS3 trilogy would have been a beautiful compensation.