Tales of crestoria characters, classified

With so many characters among whom to choose in Tales of Pretoria, it’s easy not to know which ones are the best to choose from. There are many options, and they all have their own styles and roles to play.

However, there are always those who are better than others, that’s why we have this ranking here.

We have gathered all the characters, all the elements, in specific rankings and levels. These rankings are:

  • SS (9.5+)
  • S (9 years and over)
  • A (8+)
  • B (7 years and over)
  • C (6+)
  • D (1+)

The ranking is based on how the community thinks of these characters and how much it prefers to use them.

With that away, let’s move on:

SS ranking

ranking s

ranking A

ranking B


Rankings C

ranking D

Here; The characters of the best at worst, to use to create the best team possible. Now, of course, it’s not because a character is ranked lower than it’s worth using; All can play their own role and provide you something you need.

Experiment and make sure you play as you wish!

Tales of Pretoria is now available on Android and iOS.