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Flower Gamil D.VA Overwatch Mercication Snow Beam Skin

Overwork has been introducing Korean theme skins in line with New Year’s events since 2017. The flower kiln D.VA, which broke down the starting line, has achieved a large popularity in high periodicity, and has won the achievement of the Harbor love audit from the string, recognized that he has contributed to achieving the harbor. New Harbor Skin, a new Harbor Skin, a new Harbor Skin, a new harbor skins, which are afraid of these blooming D.VA’s and other charms, are disclosed through New Year’s Day events.

Its protagonist is the ‘Snow Beam Mere’ Skin, which emphasized Korean aspirations from the name. If you emphasize the glamour of the Battle Robot Mesa, which is a flower kiln D.VA, a combat robot that reminds you of the hot, you have emphasized the glamour of the Battle Robot Mesa. Overall, the color was bright, the heads that match the harbor, the wings tailored to the costumes, and the detailed part of the Caucasus cane.

25th Overwatch Official YouTube Channel Snow Eugenic Skin Developer Interview video revealed the back of the Medication of Snow Mercia Skin. The video appeared by the Technical Lead Character Technical Artist and Lee Sun-Woo Technical Artist. According to this, there were many requests for Harbor Skin since Flower Tamil D.VA, and we planned Sold Mere to be a small help to the globalization of Harbor, collecting these opinions.

As described above, the production team aimed at modernly reinterpreting the beauty of Harbor, elegance, feminine, and brilliant royal beauty through ULBU Mere. In fact, the skin tied to the Chosen Dynasty Women’s Women’s Women’s Women’s Women’s Weathered,

In addition, I explained that the ending of the granules and staff, and the embroidery and patterns in the wings were inspired by imaginary and beams. Unlike a short and sharpened upper, unlike a short and sharpened, a skirt that emphasizes the beauty of the curve, a shame, such as a good-sculpted hair, and a state of the harbor.

The Schist Overwatch Lead Character Technical Artist said, Overwatch Korean theme skins have gained popularity overseas. In addition to the history of 5,000 years, the history of Korean culture, which has been accumulated in the history of history, cultural heritage and tradition, is that the influence of Korean culture has recently become the driving force. I want to tell you the result, he said.

Meanwhile, the Sulimmergie Skin, which is introduced, will be released through the event of to overwatch black tiger that begins on the 26th, and many new skins will be added in addition to the Sunbeam Mere.