ARD and ZDF: The future several TV

ARD and ZDF should be reformed. The countries have already made proposals that the future of the division is uncertain.

Mainz – ARD, ZDF and the Deutschlandradio, i.e. the public service broadcasting, should be reformed. Suggestions have already been made by the broadcasting commission of the countries. Until January 14, citizens can submit feedback and criticism and thus participate directly. Due to a reformation, even the future of the sparing transmitter is uncertain.

ARD and ZDF: Targeted reform endangers divisionSender

Especially only came to RTL to radical changes. Now also at ARD and ZDF are presenting innovations. Specifically, there is a division channel such as Info, Done, KIA, Phoenix, Tagesschau24, One or ARD-Alpha. The future of these broadcasters is now more than uncertain, as evidenced by the proposal of the intended reform of public service broadcasting.

The proposal stipulates that ARD and ZDF are given the opportunity to decide whether to set division channels wholly or partially set their content in offers on the Internet. This must always be discussed with the competent committees in any case and justified.

ARD and ZDF should be more flexible through the reform

The desired reform of ARD, ZDF and the Deutschland radio should make the broadcaster offer more flexible in Germany. Specifically, two goals are mentioned by the broadcasting commission. The acceptance of the public law should be increased, which in turn would also have a positive impact on strengthening democracy.

The second goal is to set up the offer for the future. The keywords called digital transformation and changed media usage behavior indicates more variety in the network. Instead of setting divisions, therefore, it can be hoped for a transition to the Internet.

ARD and ZDF: Intend ant of the BR sees attitude of divisions only in a few years


To the upcoming reform of ARD and ZDF, as well as the Deutschlandradio, the director of Bavarian Rundown (BR), Katja Wildermuth, has expressed itself. She talked to the deutsche-Pressen agency about it and did not want to rule out that certain divisions could soon be set (more news about celebrities and TV on ZDF).

I would not exclude that – maybe in a few years – she confessed, but without taking concretely to a specific division of ARD and ZDF. At the same time, she explained that the establishment of public broadcasting in Germany, with regard to a dynamic media market, must always be checked.

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