RAINBOW SIX Extraction alone play: What you in the solo

In Rainbow Six Extraction, RAINBOW SIX’s operator explores a mysterious alien species called Chimera, who has heard about the USA. Already from the beginning of Ubisoft was clearly communicated that the game is a EVE coup title. Ideally, you crash into the bets in a triple group.

But what if you just do not have enough girlfriends or friends at hand and does not want to play with randoms per matchmaking? Fortunately, Extraction also works al1. You can also gamble the inserts with the exciting risk-reward principle of solo, for which it even has its own intermediate sequence in the game at the first match. However, there are a few things for solo inserts that you should definitely know.

5 Things to know you for solo mode of Extraction

  1. There are no I bots !
    Play alone means being alone in Extraction. Say, you can not replace missing human teammates with computer-controlled bots. So you are completely put on you and can not hope for help from anyone else. But this makes the atmosphere within the areas, but sometimes even more exciting and thus interesting, sometimes extraction even feels like a horror game.
  2. Do not be afraid of the degree of difficulty !
    The fact that the game scales the mission targets and opponent number within the areas, depending on the number of players, you will do it with significantly fewer Archean quarters when you play al1. Even mission targets, which are usually planned several people – for example when transporting the bombs – are so scaled that they only run once and do not make the same thing three times. With appropriately careful approach, we also felt the first two difficulty levels well-tolerated alone, from the third stage violently it was then delicious.
  3. Packs the revival!
    Missing co-op colleagues also mean that no one can help you if you are in a down state or unconscious. This situation automatically means solo the loss of the respective operator. Therefore, necessarily think of wrapping the revival if you play al1. This React technology can be unlocked comparatively early and gives you a second chance that can often be critical in excitation.
  4. Missing operators can be saved very easily alone

This is our experience from the first class hours with extraction. If you lose an operator in use, the effort is to be retrieved it in a solo use at the lowest, especially at the lowest level of difficulty. Because here the operator rescue mission appears almost exclusively in the first section of an insert and also the rescue operation itself is much easier to handle thanks to the significantly lower number of connections to the Archean tree. However, it observes that you have to switch between pulling out the operator and shooting the luminous points, so you are responsible for both.
5. No solo bonuses, yet good leveling
Anyone who goes into the contaminated areas of application alone may not expect special EP rewards in Extraction, because these are distributed independently of the player inner number. Solo games are very well a good way to level the operators or overall rank upwards. This is mainly due to the fact that you can tackle the studies – i.e. the secondary tasks – much more concentrated, and you do not have to worry that teammates are snapped away from the nose.

Together you are less alone


Generally, solo mode works quite easily and has even smaller advantages over the co-op inserts. With one or better two players extraction but our experience again much more fun – no wonder, it is also designed for this number of players.

Incidentally, other players can not only be found in your own, but also all other systems – thanks to Crossly:

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Rainbow Six Extraction has been available since January 20, 2022, for the PS5, Xbox Series X / S, PS4, Xbox One, PC and Google Stadia. As the game cuts out in the Gamer test, you can find out here.