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Wow: Cool pets

The bandwidth of the pets in World of Warcraft is great. There is you as a prey, quest reward, the dealer, about occupations, the pet struggle, successes, world events and promotions, the shop or discoveries. Likewise, the pet types are: with Humanoid, Drachkin, Flying, Untot, Small Animal, Magical, Elemental, Wild Animal, Aquatic and Mechanical is all about what the collector’s heart desires.

For the dealers you can buy some pets immediately, others are only available after reaching a specific call level at the relevant group. These include some of the new pets of Shadowlands extension such as the scroll of the courtyard . There are in Mistress Mihaela, the armor of the farm of the harvesters, which can be found in Darkhafen in Revendreth. The role costs 250 polished pet luck charges and is respectful from the call level.

If you click on the scroll, you learn the camphaust Hofbote . The model corresponds to that of the Leatheusale, which can meet her as different NPCs such as Saboteur, Gargoyles, Boten or Master in Revendreth. The most prominent representative of these Vampiric Winzlings is Temel, who occurs during the GIFT as a sinherold and in the Gluthof of the Venthyr as a permanent. Now the model is nothing more spectacular, but the Knuffy Stoneshusal has something that you miss many pets: an excellent language edition, if you click it – especially in the German version.

In the following video we introduce you to the Temel to take away with all language expenditure. Have fun!

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