List of servers for the premiere of Broken RANKS. Which world will you choose?

We are guilty of one more information regarding the premiere of Broken Rank. It applies to server lists that will apply during the official premiere of the game (25 January at 17:00).

So this: Studio Whitoroon analyzed registrations from Open Bets and on this basis subordinated servers with specific nations or language versions.

Poles — for obvious reasons — will receive two servers for start ( Mandarin, IIN ). However, if you prefer an English-speaking company, you can choose a typical European / International World ( Brakemen ).


  • Mandarin (PL)
  • IIN (PL)
  • Brakemen (EU, English-speaking)
  • Dragon (US)
  • Theirs (PT, Brazilian)
  • JULIA (FR)
  • Tahinis (DE)
  • Caravan (RU)

Four existing servers from the Pride of Tavern will also go to Broken Rank. This is an option for those players who want to play a new version of the game, but do not want to say goodbye to their previous avatars (on which the development devoted hundreds or thousands of hours).

  • Color (PL)
  • Paar (RU)
  • Thalia (EU)

We remind you that from yesterday you can download the game client.

HTTPS: //brokenranks.com/