If you want to play the STAR Citizen campaign, ARMATE OF PATIENCE: It seems that Squadron 42 still has

Patience. This is a virtue that Star Citizen followers are developing based on good, because after all these years of waiting for which it is undoubtedly one of the most ambitious video games in history, one of the most responsible for cloud imperial Games You have let entertain that the story campaign Squadron 42 still has a long way to go.

Already at the end of 2020 the director of Star Citizen affirmed that there would be no more gameplay or date estimates for Squadron 42 until they had the campaign ready to be released, which could occur in a matter of more than a year at best. Could spend one or two more years , has declared the COO of the study, Carl Jones. Chris Roberts is spending more time here, with the Squadron 42 team and some other developers in the study located in the United Kingdom, where he would plan to settle for the progress of him more closely.

We want to finish the game, but it will be finished when Cloud Imperial Games is ready, continues, This means that we can move faster with Squadron 42. We want to finish the game, but it will be finished when you are ready, Add Jones. The latter is a mantra that Cloud Imperial Games has repeated throughout all these years. Roberts himself, veteran of the video game industry who has worked on mythical sagas like Wing Commander, affirmed time ago that he would not compromise the creation of a video game in which I believe with all my soul and heart.

After exceeding 400 million dollars collected, the online universe of Star Citizen has not stopped growing and receiving improvements throughout all these years. More recently, the game welcomed a game mode much loved by STAR Citizen fans.

To give more visibility to this space simulator that promises to give us total freedom to explore a gigantic universe of science fiction, the Cloud Imperial Games team usually offers free game periods on a regular basis. If you want to know more project details do not hesitate to consult our most recent Star Citizen impressions.