Announcement of the release date of the MMORPG ISOMETRIC BROKEN RANKS

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Why is NOBODY Talking about This New MMO RPG? – Broken Ranks Gameplay First Impressions!

The genus MMORPG has experienced up and down recently. With the song of New World, the fall of World of Warcraft and the growing popularity of Final Fantasy 14, the genre is in a strange place. However, MMO fans are still waiting for another participant. Today, developers, White moon Games, an independent studio, at the origin of a future isometric MMORPG, Broken Ranks, announced that the game would be launched on January 25, 2022.

This version follows a period of beta open during which fans were able to give their opinion on the title.

In addition to the release date, developers confirmed that fans will be able to download the game from January 18th. Interested persons need to look for the game here. Candlewick, founder of White Moon Games, is delighted with the coming exit. He said, It’s the last round before letting our players play. We are very enthusiastic about the exit, and we do everything we can to solve the problems. We hope Broken Ranks will offer new and former players many hours of fun as they immerse themselves in the world we have created.

Broken Ranks will be an interesting and unique MMORPG. You have the choice between seven classes and players will experiment with a mixture of action and combat in turn. Each class has special capacities and players must use these capacities to win the fight. In addition, the world of Broken Ranks has a lot to explore, lively cities to the ruins through the mountain peaks. Are you ready to explore the world of Broken Ranks?

What do you think of MMORPGs? Are you a fan of MMO? What is your favorite right now? Are you enthusiastic about broken ranks? Would you try it? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter and Facebook.

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